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Quality, Reliable Landscapers in Watford

Are you looking for professional, trusted, and experienced landscapers in Watford? If so, then you’ve found the answer with the Shepherd Brothers. Our landscaping solutions are designed to elevate the exterior of any property, as well as provide fully-functioning spaces. We are fully qualified and can take on any task, whether that’s Patios, Artificial Grass, Fencing and more. So, if you’re looking for trusted landscapers in Watford, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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    What is landscaping?

    Landscaping is the process of designing, planning and constructing outdoor spaces for you to enjoy. Landscaping uses soft scaping elements such as plants, trees and shrubs, combined with hardscaping such as patios and fencing, to create a bespoke outdoor space tailormade to your bespoke specifications. As experienced landscapers in Watford, we cover all aspects of driveways and landscape design including…

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    Driveways & Paving

    Resin-Bound Gravel Driveways
    Resin-bound gravel driveways are made from a combination of natural stones and are coated in a clear UV-resistant resin. We use a force-action mix process to ensure that all the stones are coated in the resin before pouring them onto the driveway. We’ll then use a hand trowel to meticulously smooth the surface and make sure that there are no loose stones.

    Resin-Bonded Driveways
    Resin-bonded driveways involve a layer of resin being applied over the driveway before the loose aggregate is pressed into the surface. Resin-bonded driveways are a popular choice among owners of traditional and historic-looking properties where the modern look of resin-bound wouldn’t suit them as much.

    Block Paving
    Made from concrete or clay, the blocks used in paving are versatile in colour and can be laid to create several different patterns. Block paving driveways are popular as individual blocks can easily be replaced if broken. Additionally, they are popular among potential homebuyers as they are seen as an attractive driveway choice.

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    Flagstone Patios
    A flagstone patio is a great way of implementing a natural appearance to your patio. With earthy shades of browns, reds, greys and blues they are the perfect complement to any outdoor space.Additionally,flagstone patio slabs use narrow, packed joints during installation which allows water to permeate.

    Limestone Patios
    Limestone patios are popular among UK homeowners as they are durable and have a long lifespan. This type of patio is a great choice for those looking to add decorative flair. Their finish often includes distinctive features such as quartz granules, marbling, or even small fossils in the stone.

    Block Paving Patios
    Block paving is constructed from concrete or clay blocks and is a great choice for patios and driveways alike. In addition to providing durability and resilience to any patio, they also come with unlimited design possibilities as they can be laid in unique patterns and designs, such as the popular herringbone pattern.

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    landscapers watford
    landscapers watford

    Turfing & Artificial Grass

    If your garden is looking tired, patchy or dry, then our experience as landscapers in Watford can help. With our turfing and artificial grass services, we can provide you with instant results – both improving the look and functionality of your outdoor space.


    Whether you want to create privacy within your garden or would like to replace dated fencing. As highly-rated landscapers in Watford, we have the solutions for you. From close board panels and trellis panels to decorative panels and picket panels, the possibilities for your new fencing are endless!

    Tree Surgery

    If you have dangerous or diseased trees on your property, wish to have some trees removed or simply want to ensure you’re taking care of them properly – we are the landscapers in Watford for you. From pollarding and tree stump grinding to coppicing and mature tree planting, we have the services for you.

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    How does it work?


    Contact Us

    Contact us to discuss your requirements. Whether you’re looking for garden design in Watford, landscapers in Watford, driveways, fencing and more.



    We start every project by providing a thorough consultation to understand your goals. We do this to guarantee that the project is completed according to your preferences.


    Installation & Application

    Once we have worked alongside you to plan your landscaping, we will visit your property to complete the installation and application process following the specifications.



    We pay special attention to the design details of every project to ensure the complete satisfaction of each client. All of our work is completed to exceptionally high standards.

    Why choose us?

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    Expert Landscapers in Watford

    We are experienced expert landscapers in Watford. Our goal is to enhance the exterior of your home, raise your property value, and create spaces that bring you satisfaction day in, and day out.

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    Years of Experience

    We have many years of experience in landscaping in Watford. Our skilled team are fully trained and experienced in all the projects we undertake for your complete satisfaction every step of the way.

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    Wide Range of Services

    We cover all aspects of driveways and landscape design. Our services include Driveways, Paving, Patios, BlockPaving, Turfing, ArtificialGrass, Fencing, TreeSurgeryand Mature Tree Planting.

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    Affordable Prices

    Your satisfaction is our priority, and we strive to provide a service we are proud of. This extends to our prices as well which are always affordable and competitive. Get in touch with us for a quote on any of our services.

    If you’ve been looking for quality, reliable landscapers in Watford, then look no further than the Shepherd Brothers. Get in touch to see how we can help!